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March 11, 2014

Letter: Minimum wage hike helps pols, not people

The Eagle-Tribune

---- — To the editor:

A secret raise in taxes from the people and the companies that employ them, a raise in the minimum wage is good for the government but not so much for the people the Democrats are pretending to help.

What you won’t hear them say is that higher wages bring higher taxes from those higher incomes. The people will pay more and the companies will pay more in wages and in taxes when they match the taxes taken from their employees. The employees will buy more products and pay more in sales and use taxes. In short, a raise in the minimum wages is a windfall in taxes for the government.

Of course, my argument here is an over simplification, as is the argument offered by the minimum wage increase supporters. There are numerous other factors that should be considered.

It also hurts workers by creating an illusion that $10.10 an hour would be a fair and reasonable wage.

Minimum wages keeps the workforce down by continuing to take care of them, instead of helping workers to learn good work ethics and continuing their education to help them advance to better positions in the workforce, if better positions in the work force exist. People need to believe that they may move up the social ladder. Not just be taken care of by government officials looking for votes.

Some of those who are up lifted out of poverty will lose government benefits they now receive, and then by the time the next election rolls around the incumbent officials will proclaim we have reduced the number of Americans collecting benefits from the government, and people will believe they did.. What difference does it make anyway? they say. Unless it is you, one of that .03 percent (500,000) that will be losing your job

Minimum wage helps the politicians’ at the voting booths. Politicians give the minimum wage adjustments just before an election so the Democrats can create the illusion that they are helping the people.

It is a scam on the lesser of our Americans, who really do carry this country on their backs The very people this bill is supposed to help will never hear this argument or for that mater even be able to understand it.

Competition for workers raises wages. The only answer is more Jobs. That can only happen when government is friendly to businesses.