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March 10, 2014

Sound Off

The Eagle-Tribune

---- — Don’t trust Russia

So now our illustrious and all-knowing leader in the White House has really done it! Anyone with half a brain and one iota of common sense would have been able to extrapolate the happenings of the past 50 years and say to themselves that the Russians couldn’t be trusted. But the wise and walks-on-water savior of this country knew better. He knew that his way is the right way, and all the world would follow his teachings. So, in his infinite wisdom, he jettisoned our country’s independence and made us dependent on Russian transportation to the space station. That was so he could take that money for his “redistribution of wealth” program and all those fine folks who want something for nothing.

Childish O

The Ukraine is burning and once again our president is off raising money for the Democratic Party! It’s as if he has no idea what his job entails (after more than five years doing it) so he has to run from it and leave town. He’s like a little kid that doesn’t like what he has to do so he goes off in a sulk!

Putin worship

It is shocking, as well as saddening, to see how many of the ET’s right-wing extremists are not only embracing Russian President Vladimir Putin but also gushing over him and lavishing him with hero worship. Don’t these people realize that Putin is really nothing more than a rogue and a murderous thug? If they like him so much, why don’t they go over there and join him!

Telling words

“This is my last election, afterward I can be more flexible.” These words were spoken to Russian Prime Minister Medvedev by the president and can be listened to on YouTube. Perhaps Mr. Putin summed up at that time what kind of a man is sitting in the White House.

Step away, Phil

I lived in Atkinson for a number of years but moved away 20 years ago. Phil Consentino was a good man back then but now he is but a constant distraction for the town with way too many issues. Sorry, Phil, but your 15 minutes of fame are up. Please step away and enjoy retirement quietly.

Vote for Phil

I just want to let the good people of Atkinson know how lucky we are to have a man like Phil Consentino running for selectman. As a longtime resident I can attest to the fact that Phil has done more for this town than just about anyone. Lord knows we’ve had our fair share of riffraff and troublemakers pass through over the years, but Phil has always done his level best to rid us of them and keep Atkinson safe and belonging to the good people who live here. A vote for Phil is a vote well cast!

Men in uniform

Why is it that New Hampshire state troopers dress in nice, regular uniforms, but Massachusetts state troopers dress like Nazis? Seriously, I want to know.

38% president

Just wondering how all you liberals feel about the new poll showing President Obama’s approval rating now at only 38 percent. I knew the people would start waking up to this con man, liar and fraud but disappointed it took this long. However, better late than never.