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March 12, 2014

Sound Off

O vs. W

To ‘Arrogant O’: Look who’s calling the kettle black. President Bush stole the first election and couldn’t pronounce “nuclear.” He invaded any country he had an interest in. President Obama is negotiating peace. And George W. lied more times then President O.

Mill memories

Sitting here reading the paper about the mill buildings being remodelled for apartments and such, I cannot help but remember working at Malden Mills. The owner was a fair and honest man. In the 13 years I worked there, I met a lot of nice people. A lot of times, neither one of us could speak the language of the other, but we always seemed to get our point across. I am now retired and have many great memories of the people working side by side making a living. There are a lot of nice people in Lawrence, no matter what language we speak.

Spring cleaning

Sheriff Frank Cousins, get your residents out soon to breath in some fresh air. Trash is showing up everywhere.

Ungodly noise

We finally got a good day weatherwise last Sunday, and all we could hear on our street in Methuen was the roar of racing motorcycles from one inconsiderate group that lives in the area, causing us to dread the oncoming of spring and summer as we were subjected to it all of last year. For the rest of us who live here, it just is not fair

Tisei’s irrelevant

Barbara Anderson’s Sunday column “Apart from that, Mr. Lincoln, how do you like the GOP platform?) ignores the primary issue around Richard Tisei’s run for Congress. His views and the Massachusetts Republican Party platform are irrelevant. In the Massachusetts Legislature, his positions were a reasonable match with those of the general population in the state. However, compared to the national party, they are those of a flaming liberal. His election to Congress would help maintain the Republican majority in the House of Representatives, enabling them to continue to push through an intolerant, misogynistic, fundamentalist religious agenda, along with economic polices that give more and more to the rich and corporations while taking away from the rest of us.

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