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March 12, 2014

Letter: Government's spending habits burden our children

The Eagle-Tribune

---- — To the editor:

I am in awe of recent battles over government funding. People who receive government assistance called “welfare” are vilified while I hardly hear any negativity about government assistance for health care, schools, grants or the like.

People have spoken out against corporations getting bailouts, but even that is more accepted than those who are “on welfare.” Why do these people get shunned but it’s OK to put one’s hand out for other programs some believe is a right?

Government isn’t a business and doesn’t make a profit – it gets deeper in debt and taxes go up. Taxes are theft, according to Frederic Bastiat, the author of “The Law.” I agree. Money is taken from one and given to another with the threat of jail or loss of property if not paid.

What would schools, health care, and other “services” the government is trying to monopolize look like if it was voluntary and folks paid into as they saw fit, allowing for competition? Money would follow good service and sound business models. I would not give a dime to public schools if I wasn’t forced to.

How is it that the budget for Plaistow schools goes up, but enrollment is way down? I have donated money for the past two years to support a New Hampshire organization that awards scholarships to children so they can attend charter schools. The organization is privately funded, and no one is making me do it. Many folks claim these funding battles and increases are for the children, and the future. How is getting deeper into debt going to be good for the children?

Today’s New Hampshire elderly are having a tough time paying their property taxes, and the children will be burdened with the debt in the future, created today. When does it end?

I would like to see people vote to stop the spending and increase in budgets going forward. I would like to see sacrifice, less reliance on government and a state where independence and personal responsibility are at the forefront once more. It was done with less, at a more difficult time in history, and it can be done again.