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March 13, 2014

Sound Off

Enough already

You know what’s really scary? The fact that Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush are considering a run for president in 2016. We have had both the Clintons and the Bushes in the White House, and that was quite enough. Hillary Clinton would continue Obama’s destructive agenda and Bill’s destructive agenda, and Jeb Bush would continue George Bush’s agenda. America does not need more of the same policies, lies and deception that have proven to be most destructive for our great and exceptional country.

Jammie jive

There stands Ed Markey, the ultimate in career Democrats, in front of the Senate reading from Dr. Seuss. Wouldn’t it have been nice if he had been a bit more original and not copied Sarah Palin? Makes one wonder how much Al Gore paid off those Democrats to stage their global warming “pajama party.” Seems like they will do anything and everything to try to deflect the attention of the American taxpayers from what they are up to and the screwups of the Obama administration! What a bunch of bottom-feeders!

Mass. math

To “Not a 603 Fan”: The tax on meals in New Hampshire is called a meals tax not a sales tax, and you also have one in Massachusetts, at 6.25 percent. So you are complaining about spending 9 percent on $12 for a couple of Happy Meals but don’t have an issue with you spending 6.25 percent on your $25,000 new car? Nor an additional 5.25 percent on your income before you bought that new car? I guess math is not your strong point. Please stay south of the New Hampshire border.

Thanks, coaches!

A big thank-you to the coaches of the North Andover boys basketball third-grade Saturday morning clinics. My son had a great time each and every Saturday and learned so much about basketball!

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