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March 13, 2014

Letter: Letter writer rewrites history

The Eagle-Tribune

---- — To the editor:

Leo Lacroix’s letter in the Sunday Eagle-Tribune (”Sorry, Mr. President, but you have let us down”) is simply incorrect.

He writes this president is not ‘transparent.” Lacroix forgets the lies of George Bush and weapons of mass destruction, to name just one. The Bush debacle in Iraq made Americans apprehensive of international involvement. Republicans shot first, asked questions later and got us here

Lacroix writes the attack in Benghazi was done with full knowledge of President Obama. This is foolish; it’s like stating a U.S. leader is colluding to have his own people killed.

Lacroix writes this president allowed the IRS to hamper opponents. All tax-exempt groups were targeted. No right wing church or left wing community group should use tax exempt status to get what it wants politically.

Lacroix writes this president speaks “of being willing to go it alone ... as if you were a war hero storming the beaches of Normandy.” Wasn’t it George Bush who said, “You are either with us or against us” and ‘We’re going to smoke ‘em out’ like he was a 1950s actor in a B-rated Western? Isn’t is Barack Obama who got us out of Iraq, is trying desperately to get us out of Afghanistan and wants to keep us out of a Ukrainian-Russian war?

Lacroix states this president is trying to “dismantle (the constitution) by executive order.” Does he refer to President Obama’s order to increase the minimum wage for federal employees without congressional approval? It’s one thing to state something evasively and not state what is being dismantled. Plenty of presidents have used executive orders to get done what Congress won’t do, both Republican and Democrat.

He says this president has “perverted” the American dream. Isn’t this president trying to give immigrants legal status who have lived here for decades, paid taxes, never been in trouble with the law and are willingly work in low-wage jobs for minimal pay?

Finally, he takes his final shot: Obamacare. Mr. Lacroix says nothing about the conservative states’ refusal to expand Medicaid, which helps out individuals as well as hospitals, the need for insurance companies to insure those with pre-existing conditions, the ability to keep children on family plans until age 26, and the revamping of insurance policies to provide better coverage — the reason people “lost” coverage in the first place, because their plans were poor ones.

Mr. Lacroix writes he is “hard- working.” The problem is he simply is not reading newspapers, watching newscasts or remembering the dark years of George Bush.

Michael Veves