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March 13, 2014

Letter: Democrats engage in politics without substance

To the editor:

This week over half the Democratic Senate Caucus held an all-night pajama party to talk about global warming. Never mind that AGW rates are near the bottom of people’s concerns in every poll. Never mind that the overriding issues for people are the economy, jobs, debt, deficit, not political agendas like AGW.

The amazing thing is the Democrats control the Senate. They were essentially demanding action from themselves. Add to that the fact they have not introduced a single bill that is on the floor for them to address their comments to. Yet their constituents think it is the Republicans thwarting their efforts to get their bill passed. They are ignorant of the fact that there is no bill.

This is the apogee of Democratic political theater. It will have one benefit, as environmental groups donated $21.2 million to Democrats in 2012, and they need that money again, which was probably the point of this exercise, the feelings of their uninformed voter base aside.

At least when Ted Cruz stood on the floor and spoke, he was advocating a specific set of policies and actions. He had put a bill forward to discuss. Of course, no one could foresee that President Obama would give him the very delay he was demanding and vilified for. The Democrats cannot even rouse themselves to that level of accomplishment.

Mark Acciard


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