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March 14, 2014

Sound Off

The Eagle-Tribune

---- — Make 1% pay

Today’s headlines are about cleaning up the river, at the expense of the taxpayer of course. There is plenty of money out there to clean up the river, but the middle class does not have it. I have been around a lot longer then these politicians, clergy, business men or anyone else, and if they don’t start getting some of this revenue from the 1 percents nothing is going to get done. The 1 percents are holding billions and perhaps trillions of dollars that is just accumulating and growing larger. About a year ago France hit the rich for 75 percent in income tax. Many, many years ago England hit the affluent for 90 percent. Believe me, it did not effect their lifestyle one bit.

New school needed?

It appears there will permission given for construction of more homes in Haverhill off Route 110 near the Methuen line off. I’m glad the walking trails and open areas are being given priority as well. However, has anyone determined the impact such a development would have on the city schools? Children from there would flow into the Tilton, Consentino pool, whose current numbers are stretching them to the breaking point. Will we need to ask taxpayers to fund yet another new school? When does this city say enough is enough?

Some nerve

Trayvon Martin’s family should be suing George Zimmerman for every penny he makes on these appearances at Florida gun shows. The nerve of that guy. He kills someone and is making a profit. What’s wrong with people?

Fashion statement

If the mayor has to tell people not to wear pj’s and sweats to work, maybe it is time to think about hiring more professional employees to represent the city, the people and the children.

What a disgrace

You either have lived in Salem all your life or moved here to escape income and sales taxes. Either way, if you didn’t vote on Tuesday, you should be ashamed. You live in a country where you have the freedom to vote and you didn’t. Only 29.85 percent of the registered voters in Salem, N.H., cared enough about their town to go to the polls.

Shame on you

To the 12,000 voters who did not vote in Salem, N.H., you should be ashamed of yourself. Do you know how may men and women died in wars to give you the honor to vote? And you are too lazy to get up and do so. You live here. Get involved.

O vs. W

Amazing, when your candidate loses the election it was “stolen.” George Bush might not have been the sharpest tool in the shed, but there is one thing that puts him above Obama. I know what his college grades were and where he actually went to school. You Bush haters also love to bring up his past drinking. Where are all your comments concerning Obama’s drug use? So when Bush used a “legal” beverage, perhaps to excess, that’s bad! Obama admits to using multiple illegal drugs, that’s OK. He’s a Democrat, no matter what he does it’s all right.

Now that’s funny

After reading today’s Sound Off “Tisei’s irrelevant,” I think reading some contributor statements such as this one will give me a good laugh in place of the comics.