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March 15, 2014

Sound Off

The Eagle-Tribune

---- — Liar, liar

To “O vs. W’: You defend Obama by saying, “George W. lied more times than President O.” Since when has it been OK for any president to lie to us even once? Or are your moral standards so low that lying is OK as along as it helps you to get your way?

He hates us

I read the letter from Leo LaCroix in last Sunday’s paper and want to applaud that man. I agree with everything he said. This is the worst president this country has had. Obama thinks only of his comforts and arrogance. I really believe he hates this country.


The story in Wednesday’s paper on Martha Coakley and “licenses for undocumented immigrants” enraged me to a new peak. A letter from Democratic candidate for governor Steve Grossman asks her to drop her opposition to this relief for their common voting base. Does this liberal, socialist fool realize he is asking the top law enforcement official in the state to give illegals a break? Even the Democratic supporters of our state treasurer must question his sanity, if not his motives.

Nightmare at Rosemont

I just read today’s front-page story about all the accidents at 1028 Main St. in Haverhill. Let’s go a few hundred yards north to the light at Rosemont and Main streets. Trying to go left at the light, you have to try to beat the driver going south to make the turn. Let’s say you’re the second or third waiting to turn left there. If there is no break in the traffic, you wait until the light goes yellow then break into the flow of cars, which is difficult at times. Please change the system to a left turn arrow or delay the south light. Please, city councilors, look into this traffic nightmare.


Boy, nice to see the politicians in Boston can work lightning fast and pass a bill in three or four days when it comes to a pressing issue like “upskirting.” Any chance they could take such swift action when it comes to pension abuses, EBT fraud and welfare? These things are just as pressing, and years go by without anything being done. Something like pension abuses could be fixed in the same amount of time if any of them had any backbone.

Money for nothing

The governor is proposing hikes all over the place at the DMV, and we have just gone through a bunch of other tax hikes. So where is the hundreds of thousands of dollars coming from that is funding his junkets all over the world? And why are we paying him a very large salary for doing nothing? His being off on a taxpayer-funded vacation so much of the time allows for major abuses to creep in (EBT cards, buddy and relative hiring) because again, no one is watching the store.