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March 17, 2014

Sound Off

Ashamed in Atkinson

I have been a resident for 43 years and have always been proud to say I live in Atkinson. Now, with the election of Mr. Consentino as selectman, I am ashamed and deeply disheartened. If the facts were made public about his firing for cause, perhaps the election outcome would have been different. It is discouraging to see someone getting away with evil, but we will continue to do what is right and trust God to work it out in the end.

Defending Zimmerman

In response to “Some nerve”: George Zimmerman shot a man who was beating his head against the ground and was found not guilty by a jury of his peers . Don’t you think if he could have been sued , he would have been already ? Should an innocent man now be forced to be destitute ? Its not like he’s getting rich off gun show appearances.

Money mill

Every hour that the Mass. registry is open it’s mobbed with people paying out money, hand over fist. And most of them waiting in lines for hours. And they need to raise the rates? Where is all that money going?

Ignore the law

I can’t believe people of this state would even think of giving a license to illegals. This just opens the door for granting illegals the same rights as people who came this country legally. Why bother with laws? Ignore them like the president does.

Flat is best

What is wrong with the flat tax? Everyone pays the same amount, oh heaven forbid. The lowest wage earners have plenty of deductions to lower their rate. Anyone check out the earned-income credit? Pay no taxes and get money back.

What you pay for

Haverhill School Committee members Bevilacqua and Wood believe it is fiscally responsible to lose good educators to other districts for higher salaries. That thinking seems flawed. You get what you pay for! Not paying health insurance costs for School Committee members and using those funds to pay educators — now that would be fiscally responsible.

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