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March 18, 2014

Sound Off

The Eagle-Tribune

---- — 3-leaf clover

It is extremely irritating to me when people use a four-leaf clover in ads for St. Patrick’s Day. It is the shamrock that represents the Trinity (Father, Son and Holy Ghost) that should properly be used. Thank you.

Remember in November

I think that our legislators are lacking common sense, so I hope when you vote in November you will remember that a current legislator, Linda Campbell, voted for or sponsored the transgendered bathroom bill, voted to raise the gas tax automatically every year, while she receives a stipend for her gas when she goes in to the State House. She also wants us to show patience with Deval Patrick’s cronies running the DCF and not accounting for the many children in their care.

Give Bush a chance

Why can’t we all just give George Bush the benefit of the doubt about Iraq having chemical weapons? It is a fact Saddam Hussein had plenty of time to have them transported to Syria he knew inspectors were coming. How is it possible he used gas on his own people and yet the inspectors didn’t find any? Please use common sense. He left office dignified, unlike some past presidents and our current one.

Uniform ‘Nazis

It was stated in Sound Off our Massachusetts state troopers look like Nazi. I happen to think their uniforms are very sharp and certainly do represent an appearance of authority, which could be frightening to some, unlike the uniforms of New Hampshire state police, which look more like United Parcel Service.

Let me sleep

Housing tenants on Mystic Street in Methuen awakened by a very loud rooster every morning at 5:30. It was amusing at first. Now it is driving many of us crazy.

DCF follies

I can’t believe DCF is hiring a whole bunch more social workers when they can’t even oversee the ones they have now. And it will mean extra taxpayer money, yet they seem to be rolling in cash if they have enough to hire the lawyers that are necessary to keep a Connecticut family away from their child and a hostage in this state. This is an outrage and there should not be one more penny given to these incompetents `until there are major personnel changes and continuous oversight is in place.

Ukraine obituary

Looks like Mr. Putin really got Obama’s number when Obama said he’d be more flexible after the last election. That opened up a whole new world and set of ideas for Putin: Run through the Ukraine like a hot knife through butter even. He is running circles around our president and secretary of state, and we are being made to look like fools.


“Defending George Zimmerman” is despicable, and anyone who does is equally as despicable. This is a man who is now promoting himself as a “celebrity,” and whose only claim to fame is that a racist Florida jury let him walk after he murdered an innocent young boy in cold blood. Thank God I don’t know anyone repugnant enough to say they support him. These are those same people who support that revolting Ted Nugent. Strange birds flock together.