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March 20, 2014

Letter: Carbon tax can reduce risk of global warming

To the editor:

In his column Tuesday, climate change skeptic John Christy says, “The real climate system is so massively complex, we do not have the explicit ability, as with so many other sciences, to test global-size theories in a laboratory.”

One might say that Christy’s assertions are massively misleading. Better than 97 percent of the scientists who do peer-reviewed research on climate change concur that the earth is warming, primarily because we burn too much fossil fuel. The only uncertainty that exists among these scientists is how bad things will get and how quickly it will happen if we continue with business as usual.

We insure our homes against the very slight chance that they could some day burn down. On our current track, the chances of making our world unlivable for much of the population are far greater than the chances of our homes burning down.

It’s time for a national insurance policy against climate change in the form of a carbon tax that returns revenue to households.

It’s a policy that will cost us next to nothing but will dramatically reduce that risk that our climate will change beyond our ability to adapt.

Steve Valk


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