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March 21, 2014

Sound Off

Show some respect

To all you parents, dropping off and picking up your kids at Lawrence schools, especially the Guilmette: Is it necessary to turn your music up so loud it comes into my house every day and vibrates the walls? Don’t know if you know this, but it doesn’t have to be blasting to enjoy it. You’ll all be deaf soon. Have a little respect for the neighborhood.

Tough questions

Haverhill’s Conservation Department has lost sight of the definition of conservation: a planned management of a natural resource to prevent exploitation and destruction. Exploitation and destruction are exactly what has happened to the east half of Winnekenni Park during the past month of tree clear-cutting. The once forested hills are now barren, waiting to erode into our water supply. On Tuesday night, this was on the City Council agenda, and no tough questions were asked. In fact, it was mostly high praise for our conservation officials. Who does our City Council represent? Why are our natural resources not being protected?

Against the tide.

Fifty years ago, groins were built on Plum Island by the Army Corps of Engineers. The ocean added approximately two hundred feet of new beachfront. I don’t think the plan to add hundreds of tons of sand to stave off erosion by the Merrimack River Beach Alliance will work, but I wish them well.

Vote for Don

Don Stewart displayed his signs asking for support in Tuesday’s North Andover selectman election. His record as an approachable representative who is concerned with both the town and its citizens speaks for itself. He deserves our support.

Thanks, Rep. DiZoglio

On March 10 state Rep. Diana Dizoglio did an excellent job having a St. Patrick’ Day luncheon for the North Andover seniors. She shows she is a warm and caring person by giving these seniors a nice hot meal and serving the food. Keep up the good work, Diana DiZoglio.

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