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March 22, 2014

Sound Off

Saving Sampson

I drive in the city of Newburyport. One day, I saw a beautiful brown dog running loose on Merrimac Street, dodging between cars. I stopped my van and whistled. He immediately jumped in my van. He had all his, tags and he was such a good and obedient little guy, I called Newburyport police, and the dispatcher was so nice. Anyhow, she sent the animal controller to help me, who was just as nice! Now, may I know that Sampson’s owners came to pick him up? And, if they did, I would like a nice thank you.

Haverhill rising?

If your thinking about buying a home in Haverhill, better do it now. Look around the city. Some folks have already done it. The city is being resurrected. Drug dealers out. Gangs out. Great people in.

Backhanded compliment

I have always liked Scott Brown. He makes a nice appearance and is a good model for a politician. It’s a shame he ran as a conservative; he would have had a future in politics otherwise.

Voters the losers

Losing a presidential election doesn’t mean you’re loser. In Mitt Romney’s case it only means the voters are losers in more ways than one, as we stand in the unemployment line, scream for better pay for jobs that were summer jobs for kids and now possibly enter into another Cold War. As an adult, I don’t think it is hysterical at all, just very sad.

Double standard

“The country is still digging out the debris left over from this warmonger president who started the mess and just walked away for Obama to clean up.” This is just one of many, many insults written about president Bush by a person who then turns around and chastises anyone who dares say a negative thing about Obama. Double standard at its finest.

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