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March 24, 2014

Letter: Obama's environmental agenda devatates America

To the editor:

The Obama administration’s policies continue to fool the American people with their move to an all-socialist society.

The president by his own hand and actions this past week said he was not overly concerned about gas prices going up. So far, gas prices have jumped 48 cents a gallon, and in some parts of the country, they are now reaching $4 a gallon for regular and going higher.

The effect of President Obama’s energy policy is devastating for all Americans. His answer is for Americans to buy electric cars. This at a time when America has more natural gas, coal and oil exploration opportunities to make us independent of foreign energy. Obama’s ideal policy is to keep gas prices high so he can appease and keep the extreme environmentalist groups happy.

Obama so far has bowed to the wishes of extreme left wing greens, turned down more oil and gas drilling and the Keystone Canada-to-Texas pipeline to bring oil to the refinery, creating tens of thousands of jobs for American suppliers.

We need real change we can believe in and not oil sent to China from Canada, then shipped back to Americans at a premium price, plus more dependency on China.

The truth is these are inflated prices! A burden on most Americans families, close to 15 percent inflation, not including the Obamacare costs. You all know how it hurts the pocketbook if you have bought any kind of fuel and food (not indexed to the inflation rate for Social Security). Many have to choose between costs of food, fuel and medications. Washington needs to spend wisely and think free enterprise!

President Obama’s current big government spending agenda and his Democratic control party want the country to become a progressive leftist model like countries in Europe.

We will become a controlled, indebted country run not by a free, constitutional republic but by elite, rich, world international leaders, with the United Nations as policy makers (the goal of all leftist progressives), with real threats and changes to our personal constitutional freedoms.

Ed Brooks

Salem, N.H.

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