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March 25, 2014

Sound Off

Casino math

For those who insist residents of Salem, N.H., approved gambling to the tune of 80 percent, here are the facts: There were about 11,000 registered voters in Salem at the time of the casino vote. Of the 11,000, only 4,000 turned out to vote. Of those who voted, 3,200 voted yes for the casino. This means that 30 percent of registered voters approved the casino vote, not 80 percent. Please make a note of it.

Expensive family

It must be nice to go to China as this first lady, her mother and children have done and spend over $8,000 a day for a room. I find it obscene when I see lines of people standing in line waiting for the food pantries to open. Men, women and, sadly, children waiting for a meal that could be the only good one they receive while this first family keeps having their lavish vacations at our expense, with little thought of what is happening here at home.

I blame Obama

I read in Sound Off where a writer still blames Bush for all this. Build a bridge and get over it, I say. This president has had years to fix problems and yet has made everything worse. From the war in Afghanistan to the issues with Russia, immigration and healthcare, this administration is inept at solving the problems of this country. Never mind what party one belongs to. We are Americans first. We are heading down a road from which there is no return.

Pizza complaint

As soon as there is talk of the minimum wage going up, the small businesses holler it will hurt them. There is one, for example, who said it will hurt his pizza business. Did he ever stop to think there is one on almost every street corner? That is what hurts his business. If he can’t afford the minimum and it is a small business, then he can do the work himself. Think how much he will save. Why should they keep the minimum down to appease him?

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