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March 25, 2014

Letter: In memory of a maple tree whose time had come

To the editor:

What a show it was to watch members of the North Andover DPW saw down that tired but once majestic maple that had stood above our driveway for years. Sad it is to say the tree’s time had come, and down it came without a sound except for that of the saw as it began its work in the upper branches and whittled its way down.

What can one say to or about a tree that had seen better days, except thank you for

the shade and comfort you provided us over the years? You will be missed.

What can one say to or about the men from the DPW who came to deal with the wretched state the tree now found itself in except thank you for the remarkable efficiency you demonstrated to this observer as you sawed the maple down and lugged its remains away.

All that remains now is the tree’s stump, its memory and dust.

It was quite a show.

Warren F. Kelley

North Andover

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