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March 26, 2014

Letter: John Tierney not doing his job for Massachusetts

To the editor:

Another month, another disappointing health care enrollment report.

Another month of nonstop, disappointing news regarding Obamacare.

Earlier this month, the administration released enrollment numbers for the exchanges, and results weren’t pretty. There are only 4.2 million people enrolled, 40 percent below the 7 million needed to meet expectations.

Even worse, the number of young people signing up for the exchanges is hovering around 25 percent, well below the 40 percent needed to balance out older and more expensive enrollees.

We’ll have to wait until the end of March for the final numbers, but it doesn’t look good as of now.

Even unions, which have been huge supporters of Democrats, are getting tired of this game. UNITE HERE became only the most recent union to blast Obamacare for failing to live up to expectations and, worse, ruining employee health plans.

When the unions are deserting the Democrats, you know something is seriously wrong.

The drumbeat of bad news goes on and on, but our congressman doesn’t seem very interested in doing anything about it.

Most other members of the Massachusetts delegation (including Michael Capuano, Niki Tsongas, the retired Barney Frank and even Elizabeth Warren) have all bowed to reality and advocated repealing certain provisions of the bill.

For Warren, it’s the medical device tax she wants nixed. For Frank and Capuano, it was the Independent Payment Advisory Board, which is a group of unelected bureaucrats charged with rationing health care.

Everyone it seems but Congressman Tierney, who has stubbornly refused to even consider fixing any portions of this woebegone bill.

What makes this whole sad situation almost laughable is that Massachusetts didn’t need to be in this position.

We had 98 percent of our population insured! A simple provision in the bill exempting Massachusetts or similar states would have saved this state a boatload of trouble and millions of dollars.

I want a congressman who fights for the people, and not for health care special interests. That’s why I’ll be voting for Richard Tisei in November.

It’s too bad our congressman wasn’t there for us when we needed him to be.

Kai Foley

North Andover

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