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March 26, 2014

Letter: The ballad of Scott Brown, ex-senator

To the editor:

When Scott Brown won an interim election, he was full of sway and swagger.

The full-term contest soon came up, and he left town humbled and with a bit of a pronounced stagger.

Soon he will grace our state, next door bruised and a bit less of a bragger.

However, no matter how hard he tries, he will still be known as the hit-and-run carpetbagger.

He claimed he was strong on women’s rights, then promptly voted down a bill on equal pay.

Scott Brown said “ now was not the time.” Perhaps it will be someday.

Sen. Brown proved that he would stand with the richest of rich when he voted against a 30 percent minimum tax on all high income, for people who earn.

Scott felt that people with truckloads of cash will always need extra to burn.

The people of New Hampshire are largely working class, middle-income, who work hard and try to pay their bills up to date.

So, senator, if you continue to lavish favors on your upper-crust friends, you will soon need to move once again to some other state.

Robert Burdin


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