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March 30, 2014

Anderson column: Bed rest and a book cure bad cold, bad mood

Warning: I am in a very bad mood. I don’t know why, and it may not last until the end of this column. We’ll see.

This is the sequence of events. On the first day of spring, I felt I might be catching a cold, so I went shopping for cat food, gingerale, chicken soup and orange juice, in case I didn’t feel like going out again—which I still don’t. Then my computer got sick too, something to do with the hard drive and things that happen despite all the virus blocks (here, computer, have some chicken soup). Off it went to the shop for five days.

So instead of attending my first-ever Republican convention, as a guest of lieutenant governor candidate Karyn Polito, which I was going to tell you about this week, I spent that Saturday in bed. Chip brought me apple juice and his extra laptop, but I had little interest in the latter, thought my forced hiatus from connectivity might be a good time to read a book a friend published online. Chip had downloaded it onto the Kindle he bought me despite my protestations, and I must admit that while I will always prefer a real book in my hands, when you can’t buy something in a bookstore the Kindle comes in handy.

So I read “In Defiance of Reason: The Failure of Modern Economics and the Coming Dark Age” by Daniel Smith, which has everything we need to know about economics. I had to learn it the hard way, one rational perspective at a time over 50 years, from Thomas Aquinas in high school to Ayn Rand to Rand Paul. I didn’t take econ during my brief college career, but I soon found the Aquinas legacy in the Austrian school of economics: Ludwig von Mises, Bastiat, Hazlitt, with personal tutelage from my favorite local Austrian-born economist, Heinz Muehlmann, who advised the Proposition 2½ campaign.

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