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March 30, 2014

Editorial: New Hampshire won't let Brown and Shaheen duck the issues


The last thing she wants to talk about is her lockstep support for Obamacare, the politicization of the IRS and the rest of the Obama-Reid agenda.

No, what Shaheen wants to talk about is the “dark money” she claims is behind Brown.

Every day, despite having $3.4 million in her campaign till, Shaheen sends plaintive emails to potential supporters.

“Help me, Obi Wan, you’re my only hope,” she says, in effect.

Darth Rove and the evil Koch Brothers are out to “buy my seat.” So send me $5, at least.

(Pop quiz: How many Koch brothers are there? Name them. Are there any Koch sisters?)

The truth is that more than half of Americans have absolutely no idea who the Kochs are, according to a recent poll. And both Obama and Reid are viewed far more negatively than the Kochs among those who claim to know who the Kochs are.

It doesn’t matter. The goal of Shaheen and the Democrats at large is simply to demonize anyone they can link, however tenuously, to their Republican opponents.

By all means, let’s talk about the role of big money in this race. What are the Kochs doing for Brown and what, in return, can Brown do for the Kochs?

But let’s not leave out Shaheen’s big money backers, like hedge fund billionaire-turned-”environmentalist” Tom Steyer (who?). How will his jihad against the Keystone pipeline affect consumers?

We also need a more vigorous debate on the other serious issues that confront the nation.

So far Brown and Shaheen are ducking that debate.

The good news is that New Hampshire’s rock-solid voters will determine the winner in this race.

They will decide whether Brown’s short residency disqualifies him from representing them in Congress or whether they don’t care about that, only about his positions, his platform, his intentions.

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