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March 31, 2014

Letter: In defense of cancelling 'Sweeney Todd

To the editor:

Although I have some disagreements with my fellows on the Timberlane School Board, and I often do not see eye to eye with Superintendent Metzler, I would like to defend him in the cancellation of the “Sweeney Todd” production.

Given the violence around us, Dr. Metzler should be supported for taking a stand against a musical about serial murder, cannibalism and other depraved behavior. “Sweeney Todd” is musically sophisticated so the attraction for our ambitious music department is obvious, but in school artistic examples of people behaving well should be favored especially when the audience could be children of all ages. This is not censorship. This is sound moral leadership, something so old fashioned it sounds odd to even read, but when we lose sight of it we will regret it.

I would also like to thank The Eagle-Tribune’s editorial team and reporter Alex Lippa for their interest and strong coverage of Timberlane’s “School Board Rules” that prevent School Board members from speaking their mind openly and freely. At the March 27 meeting of the Timberlane Budget Committee, these highly objectionable rules were introduced for adoption with that body as well. (Decision deferred.) These rules must not be allowed to stand anywhere in the district.

My comments are, of course, my own and not a reflection of the School Board’s or Dr. Metzler’s views.

Donna Green


Timberlane School Board member

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