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March 31, 2014

Sound Off

Shut up or die

After reading the Tribune’s articles and editorial about Timberlane School District Superintendent Metzler and School Board Chairwoman Nancy Steenson’s attempts at censorship, maybe the state motto should be changed from “Live Free or Die” to “Shut up and Do What We Tell You!”


I am a Plaistow resident and taxpayer. I haven’t seen it said, and it should be, that this Timberlane School Board gag order is most likely related to the defeat of several ballot items. An informed public, with both the board’s and dissenting views, can see that some things are not in the taxpayers’ interest and vote accordingly.

The 38th parallel

I moved north over the border to what I thought was New Hampshire but after reading about the censorship attempts of Superintendent Metzler and Chairwoman Steenson, I guess I screwed up and landed in North Korea.

November surprise?

Anyone wondering why Willie Lantigua hasn’t been indicted yet for the criminal investigation into him using taxpayer money to pave city streets? Just wait. Our sneaky attorney general, Martha Coakley, doesn’t want to affect her chances of grabbing some votes from Lawrence when she runs for governor! Guaranteed, once the governor’s election is over in November, the investigation will “suddenly” be complete and Lantigua will be indicted!

Methuen mystery

Regarding recycling, Mayor Zanni said that each and every one of our residents can play an active role in reducing costs. Here is a question for the mayor. Methuen residents were told that the former Pleasant Valley School is now only used for storage. E.L. Harvey & Sons is the company that picks up trash for Methuen. Why does a Harvey truck still show up at the old school weekly if the site is only used for storage? Did Methuen forget to cancel the contract? Can we reduce costs here?

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