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March 31, 2014

Sound Off


Crazy gamblers

Tax-free New Hampshire? I think not. Ask anyone who is a homeowner. Property taxes are so high they are driving seniors and young families to sell and move. The lawmakers in this state decided a casino would be bad for us, turning us all into crazy gamblers and riffraff. What about the lottery? Oh, yeah, the state decided that was OK. No crazy gamblers there. And alcohol? No. 1 killer in adults and youth, but the state runs the liquor stores. The state can make the money when it wants on the so called crazy gamblers and drunks.

Stupid vs. Dumb

Almost eight years after Bush leaves office, “I blame Stupid” is still blaming him for our problems. Well, let’s start at the bottom and move up. Dumbocrat Lantigua (now unenrolled) faces charges that may be prosecuted by another Dumbocrat (Martha Coakley), which is highly unlikely until she finds out whether she is elected governor. Dumbocrat Deval Patrick is responsible for the Olga Roche DCF debacle. So let’s go to the top Dumbocrat, Barack Obama, who has now decided another extension is necessary to implement Obamacare. The only thing to blame on the Republican Party is its lack of courage to prosecute and remove the aforementioned people.

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