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March 29, 2014

Sound Off


Siege? What siege?

Where in Haverhill does the Sound Off commenter who said it is a city under siege live? There are plenty of undesirables in the city and some not-so-nice neighborhoods, but it’s hardly a city under siege.

Rough roads

Let’s hope Salem does a better job rebuilding Shannon Road than it did with Town Farm Road. Construction and garbage trucks are constantly on both roads, and Town Farm Road is in bad shape and was resurfaced not too long ago. The town needs to make sure the specifications for the rebuild of Shannon Road address the weight of the heavy construction and garbage trucks.

Dishonest Democrats

Democrats are claiming that Hobby Lobby is trying to prevent women from having access to contraception. This is a lie. They simply do not want to be forced to pay for it. Why is this wrong?

Disgusted in Andover

I live in Andover and while driving down Route 28 at the Shawsheen Square intersection, I witnessed a black car in front of me open the door and drop something on the road. When I got closer I could see this disgusting litterbug had emptied a whole ashtray full of cigarette butts. Where has our pride gone to in this country? Litter everywhere for miles. Go to Canada — they have one thing we don’t and that’s pride!

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