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April 1, 2014

Sound Off

Coyote alert

Coyote sighting Sunday in my backyard at Woodridge Homes in North Andover. In broad daylight. Quite large. It is scary for anyone, especially children playing outside and pets.

President Patrick?

Looks like the Tribune editorial writer has Deval Patrick figured out. The most incompetent governor in state history is also the most arrogant, blaming the media for asking about the multitude of disasters that have occurred as a result of his failures. Only in America can such failure lead to speculation about running for higher office.

Tax lovers

Maggie Hassan, like most Democrats, and “Rinos” like Jim Rausch have never seen a tax increase they didn’t like. And true to form, she is lauding the gas tax increase approved by the N.H. Senate. New Hampshire was one of 10 states with the lowest gas taxes in the nation, but Maggie Hassan is going to make sure it won’t hold that title much longer.

Credit card scheme

I Googled the home address of the man charged with credit card counterfeiting and found a 4-bedroom, 21/2-bath home in a beautiful neighborhood! How does his wife have an EBT/food stamp card? I don’t want the kids to suffer, but the more my taxes go to pay for this, the less I have for my own family.

Double dippers

As someone who has recently been issued a handicapped placard, I’ve noticed that a lot of people with placards park sideways, taking up two spaces. That’s not just annoying, it’s selfish as they’re taking up a space someone else could use. It would be nice if something could be done about these inconsiderate people.

Don’t complain

What gives a person the right to complain about how much a firefighter or police officer gets paid? They put their lives on the line every day they work! I am so sad for those two Boston firefighters who lost their lives. You cannot put a price on a life! God bless.

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