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April 1, 2014

Sound Off


Wild goose chase

Darrell Issa has spent $14 million chasing rainbows, but in the clear of day has found nothing, no scandal he can tie to Obama, Clinton or anyone else. Even members of his own party have told him to end the fruitless investigations, surely a disappointment to Disqus bloggers who were sure malfeasance and other charges were due to Obama.

Stop taxing me

You want money for a new school, Haverhill? Stop giving out 10 percent raises to the Police and Fire departments. Stop giving pension raises to those who retired long ago. Cut that money back, and you’ll find loads of money for building whatever you want. Stop taxing me for things I’ll never use. We home school. I moved into Haverhill a few years before the tax for the Pentucket school. That’s about to expire. I’d like to, finally after 17 years, see that money come back to my family.

No renters allowed

There is a special vote on June 10 to decide if our property taxes will be increased to build a new school in Bradford. Shouldn’t it be a vote of property owners only? Why should a renter have a say in what happens to my property tax bill? If this vote passes you can add rental costs and “For Sale” signs as two more things that will go up.

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