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March 31, 2013

Your view: Letters to the editor

Gays should share in the promises of liberty

To the editor:

Front and center in our national dialogue is the issue as to whether gays should be allowed to marry, a complex and emotional topic with many aspects. The Supreme Court will have the final say; meanwhile, much should be noted about the daunted problem of being gay.

Formerly thought to be a choice, just as in the old days when teachers insisted that left-handed children learn to write with their right hand, it has become clear, as many gays are now “coming out of the closet”, that homosexuality is a circumstance of birth. The gay identity has no commonality as to family, class, or any social affiliation. Recently, twin boys at a very young age were observed for their tendencies. One tot loved and played with dolls and the other pursued traditional, boyish forms of play. It is not difficult to predict their outcomes in later life.

Regarding the recognition of gay marriages, the case seems clear in terms of equal rights for all, just as for persons of color or with disabilities. Religionists decry same sex marriage as immoral; yet, the Bible recommends that a slave be given Sunday off and we long ago rejected that institution. Gay marriage will have no effect on traditional marriage, which has its own problems with a 50-percent divorce rate. Rush Limbaugh is a strong voice for traditional marriage — as well he should be, having tried it four times.

Besides enjoying benefits accrued in conventional marriages, regarding taxes and entitlements, gay relationships have benefits to the public. Commitments reduce the spread of STDs, gay couples often adopt children with handicaps, and two loving parents can do a better job than a single mother struggling to raise children while working to provide for them.

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