EagleTribune.com, North Andover, MA

April 11, 2013

Sound Off

The Eagle-Tribune

---- — Marijuana

One great thing about living in Massachusetts is knowing that our politicians will surely keep medical marijuana out of the hands of minors. Just consider the wonderful job they do with cigarettes and alcohol. We can depend on them. Remember, you voted for it.


Ever notice that the states where the legislatures are dominated by Democrats have bloated, growing governments and ever increasing deficits? California, New Jersey ... Massachusetts! Liberals just love to spend other people’s money then tell you they need more.

Taxi rule

I resent the new law/regulation that Lawrence has put in place regarding taking the choice away from me as to whom I can use as a taxi service. Where is my freedom of choice? What can be done to get it repealed?

Two of a kind

The paper said Margaret Thatcher loved Ronnie Reagan. Of course she did. Remember he is the guy who fired a few thousand air traffic controllers when he first got in. Sounds familiar, doesn’t it? They really were two of a kind.


I cannot believe what I just read. First of all, Lawrence cabs pick up and drop off people constantly in Andover — mostly to the restaurants and hotels. Secondly, half of the ones doing this are doing it with their own car, and are not cab drivers, but certainly charge a fare — slightly lower than regular legal cabs. Finally, if you are a taxi driver from Andover, why would you even want to go into Lawrence?

Teach English

One reason that children are having a hard time learning English is their parents are not learning it even though they may have been here for years. All one has to do is go into stores these days and you would think you were in a foreign country. Our ancestors came here not knowing any English and yet they worked hard and studied the language. It is time for us to make sure all our children are taught English.


Can liberals get any more creepy? My children belong to them and not to me? In your wildest, socialist dreams! Folks, you voted for these people. Wake up to what’s going on.


I see where Methuen Councilor Tom Ciulla is requesting phone records and email records for Solicitor Peter McQuillan. This is nothing more then a witch hunt to throw off any misdeeds that were done in the new solicitor search. There is a potential for harming the man’s reputation, all in trying to justify what the sub-committee did or didn’t do in the search. If anything should be investigated it should be the councilors’ behavior during this search. I have to wonder for all the talk of being tired of lawsuits in the city and their cost, why they would go this route? It’s only inviting another lawsuit.

No surprise

It has come to this: A lot of people have given up looking for work because there are no jobs. Why is this not a surprise with manufacturing leaving the country and our population almost doubled. We have over 300 million people and few jobs. Where is the outcry? How bad will it have to be before the public demands something be done? This is not Obama’s doing. This has been coming on for a long time.