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November 22, 2013

Sound Off


Nasty liberals

Has anyone noticed that the deeper in trouble President Obama gets, the nastier the liberals get? The deflections, blame game, finger-pointing and name-calling are at an all-time high. The irony is that if any or all of these scandals and failures had happened under the Bush administration, they would be crying from the heavens for impeachment.

DC layabouts

Do any of the people in Washington who pull down those outrageously high salaries and pensions that they voted for themselves and their buddies do any work? With all that is coming out about the Obamacare website and who knew what and when, it sure looks like everybody who was supposed to be working on it just sat around drinking coffee. Or maybe they were following the lead of their lazy leader and playing golf. Whatever was going on, or whatever wasn’t, they had over three years to do their jobs and they failed. Why has nobody been fired or been kicked out?

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