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September 17, 2013

Letter: Putin has little understanding of human rights

To the editor:

Russian Vladimir Putin’s recent attack on President Obama’s national address, and in particular his reference to American exceptionalism has achieved great notoriety in many parts of our wonderful land.

It is however a highly watered down version of an argument that any American will experience should they spend a significant amount of time in Russia, Belarus or Ukraine for that matter. So there is no question that we should be prepared!

Americans are routinely described as stupid and ignorant in this part of the world and some others, too. In many instances, if provided with the opportunity this may even happen to an unsuspecting stranger who may be walking upon a country road or on a busy city street.

Of course, some of this is a remnant of Soviet-style Cold War rhetoric. But this may offer little consolation to the naive and uninitiated.

Some Russians have even been known to argue that Americans have had no major scientific, cultural or technological achievements whatsoever. In a virulent form of twisted logic, they argue that all of our development has been the result of hard-working immigrants who came to our sovereign land. If it were left up to real native Americans, they often say, there would have been no development at all.

On top of that, they ridicule our films and make fun of our popular television shows. They even jeer when we win the World Series. In fact, Russian comedian Mikhail Zardonov has made a career mocking the lives of everyday Yanks for many years now.

So be strong! Let us remember and please never forget that Vladimir Putin is a tyrannical despot. He has no understanding of human rights. And he is nothing but a Cold War dinosaur. He ascended to power at the hands of the KGB. In fact, he spent years in East Germany propping up the Berlin Wall.

So let’s be serious now! It would be ludicrous to believe that Putin will offer a hand of friendship to Americans in Syria or anywhere else that we might choose to go.

Gerald Marchewka


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