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September 17, 2013

Sound Off

The Eagle-Tribune

---- — Inappropriate

I was driving home from work on Monday afternoon and had to stop at the light directly outside of a Plaistow shopping plaza. There were signs saying, “Impeach Obama” with a picture of him sporting a fake “Nazi-esque” mustache, ultimately comparing President Obama to Adolf Hitler. I believe in free speech and believe people have the right to advocate the impeachment of a president. However, comparing President Obama to Adolf Hitler is deeply troubling and is in very poor taste. The terror brought on by Adolf Hitler and his Nazi regime is not something that should be taken lightly or used as a means to belittle someone. If you want to persuade people to impeach President Obama that is your right, but I would hope people would do so in a more tasteful manner and recognize that President Obama is not in the same category, by pure fact, as Adolf Hitler.


Hey builders and contractors, how about trying to build new developments for people who are actually under 55 for those of us who would like to buy a new house being built versus buying a fixer-upper that is way over-priced. I am sick and tired of every Sunday looking at the real estate section and seeing yet another 55-plus community being built. I think there is more then enough of these around!


Plaistow selectmen, get your heads out of the sand regarding the Police Department. There’s more going on than you know. Everyone there is afraid to come forward for fear of losing their jobs. It’s called retaliation. There’s a lot of bullying. If you stand up for your rights, you get fired. I guess it doesn’t pay to be honest.


As the wife of a hunter, I can assure you that the author of “Oh, deer” in Saturday’s Sound Off column is utterly ignorant of the sport. Highly skilled hunters can go seasons without shooting a single deer. Skilled hunters — which those chosen for the lottery must be in order to be a part of it — do not simply “shoot at anything that is brown.” Skilled hunters spend hours upon hours and days upon days waiting for the ideal scenario so that the deer passes as painlessly as possible. Opinions hold much more weight when you’re actually educated on the topic.

Middle East

Now that we have conceded the Middle East to Russia, Iran and Hezbollah, how much longer until we throw Israel under the bus? Oops, sorry, we had already done that.

Hurting the elderly

I’m so disgusted with our government. The first item to cut is always Medicare and Social Security. The elderly have worked hard all their lives and paid their taxes and dues, yet let’s cut them out. So many people come into this country and get free benefits and free health care. They don’t get cut. In other countries like Japan and China, their top priority is the elderly. But here it’s cut, cut, cut the elderly, kick them to the curbside and do away with them.