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September 22, 2013

Your view: Letters to the editor

The Eagle-Tribune

---- — War in Iraq was amply justified

To the editor:

Liberals always think that President George W. Bush is to be blamed for Iraq War and the 9/11 attack. I want to explain how things work in America.

For decades, American presidents have believed that Muslim countries can do no wrong because Islam is a peaceful religion. After India became independent in 1947 from British rule, Indians thought America would favor India, because she, unlike Pakistan, has adopted a democratic system of government. To the dismay of Indians, America started to favor dictator-ruled Muslim countries over India. Even in the UN, America voted against India for Pakistan. Even when Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi visited Capitol Hill, President Nixon addressed her as a woman, not a lady. It was noted in all Indian newspapers as how impolite the American president was! America always neglected India. Because of America’s one-sided foreign policy, India was forced to make friendship with Russia. Even today, India trusts Russia more than America.

When Mr. Bush got information that Osama Bin Laden was planning to attack American installations, like all American leaders, he did not believe that. He thought Muslims are peace-loving people. So Mr. Bush did not want to take a drastic step. It is not dereliction of duty, just like Obama did not believe that Muslims can be terrorists. Now after so much devastation, American leaders believe that Muslim countries can produce terrorists.

John Kerry was a member of the Intelligence Committee. He supported the existence of WMD in Iraq. Mr. Kerry and all major Democrats like Bill Clinton, Ted Kennedy, Madeleine Albright knew from intelligence that Saddam Hussein had WMD. Mr. Kerry said Saddam was a threat and he should be removed. Based on their information, Mr. Bush attacked Iraq with permission from the Congress and Senate. Mr. Bush did not lie. Now I think to attack Iraq was the right thing to do. Mr. Bush was God-guided.

Many liberals do not understand that biological and chemical agents are also weapons of mass destruction. When the UN wanted to come to check if Iraq had WMD, Saddam stopped them and asked them to come to Iraq after two weeks. During this period, Saddam transported all his chemicals by truck loads day and night non-stop to Syria. I think UN is a stupid organization controlled by communists and Muslims. During the embargo in Iraq, UN employees took bribes from Saddam and illegally gave Iraq all things Saddam needed for his country. Saddam’s personal advisor wrote a book and disclosed that Saddam had a plan to spray Israel with biological and chemical agents.

Because of the death of Saddam Hussein in the Iraq War, Iraq’s plan to destroy Israel has been eliminated. Now, we know the Syrian president is killing his own people using chemical weapons.

By any reasoning, in order to kill a demon like Saddam Hussein who insulted America by walking over the picture of the president of the United States in his palace among foreign dignitaries and who killed thousands of his own people and who wanted to destroy Israel, the Iraq War was justified. Even after spending billions of dollars to rebuild Iraq, Iraq favors China and Russia. Compared to the Vietnam War, the Iraq War is a great achievement for America. Mr. Bush should be credited for that.

Tapan Bhattacharjee


Car-Free Week is worthwhile

To the editor:

Hey, What a slap in the face was your editorial of Sept. 17 on Car-Free Week.

I would get rid of my vehicle in a second if I could. I also consider every penny I pay to ride the commuter rail money well spent. Interstates 95, 93 and 495 should be called the “Death Highways.”

Thanks for making me feel like a fool. As I tell my students: “It has been a good run and we had a great time breaking the environment.” I thank them, tell them to get their driver’s license and a car because it is necessary. Then I let them know that they will have to solve these problems which my generation has caused.

Please try to be more forward thinking than our brightest politicians. Car Free Week is no gimmick. It actually has pure meaning to more people than your editorial may indicate.

Michael Schroth


GLCAC is a health-care navigator

To the editor:

Greater Lawrence does indeed have a health care navigator, as required by the federal Affordable Care Act, despite the concern of one of your readers (Sound Off: “Smoke and mirrors”, Sept. 11). The Greater Lawrence Community Action Council Inc. has been selected as one of 10 navigators in the state by the Massachusetts Health Connector, the state’s health insurance Marketplace.

Open enrollment starts Oct. 1 and runs through March 31, 2014. During that time, current Health Connector members must enroll in ACA-compliant plans, and other individuals and small businesses can shop for insurance and take advantage of the expanded choice, benefits and subsidies. To help consumers and business owners understand all the changes, six GLCAC staff members have undergone substantial training, which addresses another concern expressed by your reader.

The GLCAC will reach out to people who qualify for insurance through the Health Connector, and we encourage Greater Lawrence residents and business owners to contact us at 978-681-4905 starting Oct. 1 to make an appointment with one of our navigator staff members to discuss options and enrollment.

Evelyn Friedman

Executive Director

Greater Lawrence Community Action Council