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September 26, 2013

Sound Off

Shave our Sox!

The bearded Red Sox players look like a cross between Taliban terrorists and white supremacists. They should clean up their act.

Sane shooters

I am a Democrat and I agree with the Republican that said we need stronger gun laws. To say that all shooters are mentally ill is absurd. There are people from all walks of life that are killing with a gun. Just a short time ago, a man tried to hire someone to kill his wife. He knew not to try it himself, but he talked to the wrong person and was arrested. There are a few cops out there that should not have a gun, but they are not mentally ill.

Thanks, guys

Yellow bags everywhere! (Large ones, full of rubbish.) Thank you to the Sheriff’s Department and the residents of the detention center!

Blustering O

He we go again. President Obama will threaten the elderly and the military by saying they won’t get their monthly Social Security pensions and military paychecks because Congress wants to be responsible and prevent Obama from again raising the national debt limit. So he will quickly blame the Republicans for depriving the elderly and military their pensions and paychecks to try to turn the people against the Republicans because he can’t get his way. Obama should not use these pathetic tactics but instead address the tremendous fraud, waste and abuse he and his administration has been involved with since 2008. That would be enough for everyone in the country to receive a substantial check from the Fed. If I were you, Obama, I wouldn’t try the deception route again. The people are smarter than you think.

Who you know

Haverhill Road in Salem, N.H., is in terrible condition, yet other roads less traveled that seem OK are getting done. Duston Road was done; someone said in the paper, “It won’t last another winter.” That road has maybe 10 houses; it does not see a lot of traffic, yet it was done. Somebody knew somebody.

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