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September 30, 2013

Sound Off

Andover beggars

It’s Saturday morning, and we just got back from attempting to go to breakfast in downtown Andover. Within a distance of no more than 500 feet, we were deluged by four different groups with cups looking for money. First was for Scout cookies, then the Andover soccer team, then veterans and in the street when we left town were firemen with the “boot” drive. Next week we’ll go someplace else!

On target

Every legitimate gun owner knows that gun control means hitting what you aim at. What anti-gunners mean by gun control is called confiscation.

Road warriors

I often read of requests to lower speed limits on busy roads. I applaud any attempt to make roads safer, but here’s the catch: unless there is regular enforcement, drivers will do as they please. I regularly travel on Route 111 between Hampstead and Salem. N.H. Just before and right after traffic lights, the speed limit drops down to 40 mph, and a stretch between East Road to the Freshwater Farms lights stays at that speed. Even if I’m going a couple mph over that, I have cars on my rear bumper and get some not-so-nice gestures, too! Way back in my driver ed days, I was told to respect other drivers, anticipate what they may do and always expect the unexpected. This last bit of advice could save you from that driver edging over the center line.


What a government we have going for us now! The folks in Detroit mismanage and steal themselves into bankruptcy and the Obama administration turns around and rewards the same people with $300 million. Every other city in the country would be nuts to not do the same thing! These people in Washington don’t have a clue about human nature. Do you think they will learn when they find out five years down the road that most of that $300M has made it into private pockets or has been moved into backroom deals with the politicians’ brothers? Probably not because the politicians in Washington are not the brightest people in the country and are doing the same thing themselves. Nothing wrong going on here, folks, let’s just move on!

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