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October 16, 2013

Sound Off

The Eagle-Tribune

---- — Flip-flopping

I’d like to shed some light and inform the voters of Methuen of the truth regarding getting rid of the health director and cutting back on the public nurse’s hours. Mayor Stephen Zanni first agreed with these cutbacks! Then for some unknown reason — when things were getting heated — he changed his mind. Wow let me see, is that called flip-flopping? I believe one of our presidential nominees was constantly accused of this same inconsistency. I certainly don’t want a mayor who can’t make up his or her mind. I also don’t believe that the intellectual voters of Methuen want a mayor and his cohorts who criticize another’s education without truly knowing the facts. Jennifer Kannan has integrity and deserves our vote on Nov. 5.


If Jennifer Kannan and her cronies had properly read the $325,000 regional health grant that they accepted two years ago, they would have realized that the plan was to regionalize the Health Department, which would have saved Methuen hundreds of thousands of dollars in coming years. Her shortsightedness has and will continue to cost Methuen money. The city will also need to now hire someone to do part of the public health director’s job — Title 5 inspections — since the existing inspectors are not qualified to do these inspections. No savings there, Jennifer! You need to check your math!

Stop spending

In response to Neil Westerman’s letter to editor, I cannot agree more with his comments concerning our country’s future. Count me as part of his “ilk.” As a 75-year-old native of New Hampshire, a proud Army veteran and true-blue patriot, I could cry at what’s happening to our country. Hopefully true Americans will wake-up between now and the 2014 elections and end this destructive reign. A good start would be to defeat any further debt ceilings, as painful as it maybe, Unless done Obama is unstoppable. Cut off his supply of money he is finished.

Poor decisions

When will the North Andover High principal stop citing privacy concerns to cover their idiotic decisions? When will the North Andover School Committee start holding the school administration accountable for their dumb decisions that have a negative effect on North Andover students?


The president wants to raise the debt ceiling at a rate of $1 million per minute. I hope the Republicans stop this spending insanity.


I am with Jamie Atkinson and Jack Cronin for Central District councilors in Methuen. Both Jamie and Jack have proven records of serving the city well. I don’t think it’s fair that over the last two years every other district has had two councilors and the Central District only had one. That woman who is there now is invisible. Go Jamie and Jack!

Dog signs

Congratulations to the people who got their dog back. It’s a great thing! Now, hopefully, they will come back to Salem one more time and take down the hundreds of lost dog posters they put all over town. Otherwise it’s just more trash on the sides of our roads to go with the yard sale signs that people never take down.