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October 24, 2013

Sound Off


I laugh every time liberals throw out the word “extremist.” To them, everyone who does not agree with them is an extremist. Although the conservatives in Congress may have lost this battle over the debt and “Obamacare”, they may have not necessarily lost the war. If anything, they forced the Democrats and liberals to defend Obamacare and the reckless spending in Washington while the conservatives tried to defund or at least delay portions of it. As the troubles of the rollout of Obamacare continue and the people feel the pain of higher costs, broken promises and lost jobs and wages, it will leave Republicans and conservatives with strong campaign issues.

Buck’s attitude

Is there any way to let the Fox network know that people in Red Sox Nation do not like or appreciate Joe Buck’s negative attitude towards the Red Sox? Sadly, we’ll have to listen to him for the World Series. Time to hit the mute button.


So OK, Jennifer Kannan can’t negotiate contracts with the Methuen School Department, Police Department or Fire Department because of the conflict of interest laws. How can she propose or prepare their budgets then? Who is going to prepare and propose those budgets to the City Council? If it’s a staff member of hers, do we really think her staff would propose hard and necessary cuts if needed? I would never propose cuts to my boss’ family budgets unless I was willing to look for another job.

Kids involved

It was a nice display over the weekend seeing a group of parents with their kids holding signs for Maura Ryan-Ciardiello. I think it is good getting the children involved with the election process, especially School Committee for the kids. It was nice.

Good work

Thank you, Bob Vogler, for your work in expanding the foreign language program in Methuen schools. Unfortunately, Steve Zanni is stealing the credit for your good work.

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