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October 30, 2013

Sound Off

Not a peep

Where were all these right-wing noise-makers during the summer of 2001 when Bush stayed in Crawford clearing brush rather than attend his intelligence briefings in Washington on bin Laden’s plans to attack us? They didn’t make a peep then. And Bush’s malfeasance ended up costing thousands of human lives. Now they can’t say enough about the flaws associated with the Obamacare website. I don’t recall ever hearing how a glitch on a website ended up causing thousands of human lives.

Knows everyone

All you Steve Zanni supporters are so against having Jennifer Kannan as mayor because she has so many family members in various departments. Well, news flash folks, Steve Zanni knows just about everyone now who works for the town. Same difference when dealing with various contracts! Jennifer Kannan has a sharp mind, is more personable than Steve Zanni.

For Maura

Finally a face to put with the name. Since Maura’s signs went up I have been wondering who she was. Then we received our mailing from her. What a smart, beautiful, young lady, with a great-looking family was our first impression, then we actually met her the next day shaking hands with people. Wow! We were impressed. So kind, but with such passion for Haverhill. You can honestly feel her energy and love for Haverhill. She is working so hard because she wants the best for the students and the taxpayers. Believe me, she was very clear about this. We are giving our vote to Maura Ryan-Ciardiello for School Committee. Great meeting you, Maura.

Obama knew

President Obama as early as 2010 knew that a majority of those who had health insurance policies would not be able to keep them. The president lied to us. How many lies has he told?

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