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April 4, 2014

Sound Off

Admit the mistake

Timberlane Superintendent Dr. Metzler appears to be an intelligent man. However, he also seems to have a hard time backing off misguided decisions. Last year, it was his directive to keep students indoors at Sandown schools from September until November because of a Triple E threat, even though those same kids were outside playing after school and on weekends and playing soccer around the corner. He refused to reverse that decision and would not consider parents’ requests. Now he won’t back down from a misguided decision about a high school musical that the theater department held in high esteem. He should know that he would gain far more respect from district residents if he humbly admits that his intentions were good but maybe not the best decision. We can forgive an admitted mistake. We’re also New Hampshire, and a nanny state atmosphere does not sit well. We can decide for ourselves whether we will view the show or even allow our kids to be in it. He claims he listens to his district. Reversing his decision would be a great way to prove that.

‘Sweeney’ stinks

Cancelling the production of the musical “Sweeney Todd” is probably one of the best things done by the Timberlane administration. First, the approval for the production should have happened long before the students were involved. Second and most important, despite the “awards” it received on both Broadway and in London, it ran for a little more than a year. The public did not think it or many of its revivals worth the price of a ticket. It was a lousy production, more suited for a grade B horror film. Move on. There are many better musicals that can be done.

How to debate

After reading the letter “In America, restaurants have no right to discriminate” and the subsequent comments I was encouraged to see the commenters were actually engaging in a meaningful, civil, mature debate. Disagreements abounded, however, the posts were lively, intelligent, and devoid of the usual insults and childish gibberish. It was refreshing to entertain both sides of an issue without wading through the usual sarcasm and nastiness. Kudos, guys.

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