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April 4, 2014

Sound Off


$13 vs. $185K

I’m a driver for the Haverhill school transportation department. I drive the disabled children in Haverhill to school and back. I make $13 an hour and the monitor makes $10. They say we are the ones hurting the school budget. Hmmm. Superintendent Scully makes $185,000 a year and wants a raise. So who is hurting the school budget here?

High school stabbing

Hey, Superintendent Scannell, real smart idea having Methuen High School directly in the back of the Timony Grammar School, subjecting young kids to dumb high school students stabbing each other and endangering the parents, grandparents and siblings who sit and wait to pick up children in the high school parking lot because Methuen was too cheap to rebuild somewhere else.

Not my president

How can Obama insult half of the country in every speech and still claim to be the president of the United States? He is nothing more than the president of the Democratic Party.

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