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April 4, 2014

Letter: To fix Obamacare, reject Shaheen and Soros

To the editor:

I have to admit I was amused when I read Cynthia Muse’s March 24 letter “Reject Scott Brown and the Koch brothers.” I guess she doesn’t know or maybe she thinks it was fine for George Soros to donate money to Jeanne Shaheen’s campaign back in 2008.

Or maybe she is hoping we are all not smart enough to know what Soros did to help get her elected so the president would have another minion to do his bidding.

Obamacare is really about Obama taxes. We all know it was a lie when the president told us we could keep our doctors if we liked them along with our insurance plan.

Do you realize if your child needs braces, they are considered a medical device and you will be taxed on them? Ask Jeanne Shaheen if she knew this when she voted for Obamacare. I wonder if she knew medical devices such as wheelchairs or a stent for your heart will also be taxed.

Frisbie Memorial Hospital was not one of the providers selected to offer care through Obamacare. This means that many New Hampshire patients who had longstanding relationships with physicians at Frisbee will be required to seek care outside of the Frisbie network, outside of Rochester.

I wonder if Ms. Muse speaks for all Independent voters in New Hampshire when she says Jeanne Shaheen is doing an outstanding job representing New Hampshire voters’ interests in D.C. I doubt very much that she checked with any of those patients denied access to Frisbie Memorial Hospital.

Because of the new rules, the most significant and damaging impact has been the fracturing of doctor-patient relationships throughout New Hampshire. Anthem’s narrow network has severe restrictions.

New Hampshire voters can get more of the same by sending Jeanne Shaheen back to the Senate or they can give Scott Brown a chance to help rectify a horrible medical situation.

Why does this woman from Massachusetts care so much you ask? I have family living in New Hampshire.

Jeralyn Levasseur


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