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April 4, 2014

Letter: What's a government to do?

To the editor:

The crisis of the day is the minimum wage. Massachusetts legislators are busy chasing businesses away again. Why not let the market forces dictate how much people should get paid? Why index to inflation?

When the Fed finally decides to let rates rise, the potential for large increases in interest rates (called inflation) rears its ugly head. Where does that take the minimum wage? Part two of this nonsense is to get a little increase in contributions from employers. The punishment never ends.

People who work are the state’s ATM for relentless fees and taxes. The roads stink; what did they do with the money? Oh, yeah, I forgot, the freeloaders. It is nice to help people, nobody should be hungry in this country. But the tentacles of what once was called “welfare” are being woven into the fabric of every facet of daily life — housing, fuel, phones, food stamps, etc. for all comers, no restrictions, no questions.

So is there any hope? Not likely.

Any time the state thinks it knows what is good for everyone, there is little chance for success.

If you have a job, call your representative and senator and tell them to leave the minimum wage alone. If you want a job and can’t find one, then you should call, too. There may not be too many jobs around if the state has anything to say about it.

Charlie Throp


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