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April 9, 2014

Sound Off

The Eagle-Tribune

---- — Money trap

Kudos to the North Andover Police Department for the speed trap on Hillside Road Monday afternoon. They had it set up going both directions on that road with three officers and two cruisers. I guess that is how North Andover gets their revenue. Warning to drivers: Don’t avoid the back-up on Route 114 because North Andover will get you one way or another!

Steenson rules

After reading the negativity about Timberlane School Board Chairwoman Steenson’s decisions and control over the School Board and Superintendent Metzler, we fear for the Timberlane School District and wonder if is Metzler overwhelmed. Their “question everything” policy is very concerning! Freedom of speech and the choice to participate isn’t the reason to change all policies to her pleasing. If she’s able dissect the theater today because she’s not happy with a show selection, what will she dissect tomorrow? The people of the district have spoken in favor of freedom of choice and speech and are for performing “Sweeney Todd.” The SB should concentration on the cost of education, not after-school activities. We have highly experienced, knowledgeable professionals doing that already.

In bed together

The strongest marriage in the United States is that between politics and corporate America. Greed is their pillow, and when they roll over to spoon together they pull the blanket off middle-class America, leaving us cold and shivering.

Second-class teachers

It is amazing to see how the Town of Andover manages to sway when treating their employees or, better still, the retired employees. I recently read the article about how the selectmen voted to raise the fee on water. This did not surprise me until I saw that one of the reasons for the increase was to help fund the retirements of Water Department workers. Wow! I guess the town finds these people more worthy than the 400 retired teachers. Selectmen voted to support a proposal to force the teachers to be dropped from their GIC insurance packages and be added to another package to save $300,000. To me this continues to show that the teachers are and will continue to be at the bottom of the town’s departments.

Get it straight

On Jan. 20, 2009 Barack Obama was inaugurated and the average price of a gallon of regular gasoline was $1.78. Today, I filled up my car and paid $3.54 per gallon. To the Sound Off commenter who insists this is not true: You’re the one who needs to get it straight!

Obama lies

To the caller accusing rightwingers of having amnesia, I suggest you look on gasbuddy.com for the average price of gas when Bush left office. It was $1.84 a gallon. Get your head out of the sand and stop giving false information. Leftwingers just love to lie, like the claim that 7.1 million have signed up for Obamacare. How many have actually paid the premium?

Just stop it

What is the problem with Prospect Street. in Haverhill? If there are crashes because people don’t stop, put in traffic lights and they will all have to stop. No big deal. What is there to study?