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April 9, 2014

Editorial: Spring breaking out of its cold, hard shell

It’s amazing what a little spring will do for a person’s state of mind.

Though it has officially been spring for almost three weeks, it wasn’t until this past weekend that Mother Nature begrudgingly gave us a taste of it. Like springs wound to the point of breaking, people sprung to the stores where gardening and lawn products were on display, put bikes, sneakers and cleats to good use and enjoyed at last some warming rays of sun.

This has been a long winter for us veterans of New England winters. And even as we approach Patriots Day, the long effects drag on — the trees are still gray and dormant, the grass is brown, and the cold winds linger.

But spring is edging out in its struggle to win the day.

Temperatures are on the rise, and the voice of the spring peeper is heard again in the land.

In many backyards, the last remnants of snow and ice finally melted away this past weekend. Birds sang a little more often and brighter. Crocuses were in bloom. Gas prices inched up — surely that means that summer driving season is coming up fast?

At Fenway, the first pitch was thrown on Friday. The Red Sox have arguably the best fan-friendly traditions in professional sports, on full display as the team was awarded its 2013 World Series rings. Many people watched the ceremony, if for no other reason than to experience this moment of spring warmth.

And never mind the fact that it wasn’t until Monday that the Old Town Team won its first home game.

In the coming days, the daily temperatures will inch upward into the 50s and 60s. On Friday, early predictions are for temperatures in the low 70s. The last time we hit that mark was Nov. 1.

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