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April 10, 2014

Sound Off

Salem vs. Andover

How come the Andover town manager and the Budget Committee can come up with a potential $1.1 million in savings in their budget while Salem’s town manager and Budget Committee only find ways to increase Salem’s taxes? They are a small step above the Salem School Committee, which has consistently been responsible for the annual increases to Salem’s property taxes.

Cheap birth control

A Monday Sound Off item stated the cost of birth control for a year is $300. I’m assuming that includes the cost to see a doctor. Walmart sells several prescription birth controls for $4 a month, less than a pack of cigarettes, two coffees nearly anywhere and significantly less than $400 a year.

Unsavory ‘Sweeney’

Who are the nitwits who insist that “Sweeney Todd” production must go on? Don’t they realize the violence in this show merits an “R” rating? Don’t they realize that the school will be promoting murder for revenge, anger, hate and cannibalism? You don’t think so? Have you seen the play or movie? Why would they want anyone, particularly of high school age or younger, to be subjected to these horrors? It’s true they can just read a newspaper or go to a movie theater to see violence and hate. But it’s also true that students should not have a part in acting out this violence on a stage.

People’s choice

Every time the casino bill has come up for a vote, state Rep. Marilinda Garcia has voted it down even though the majority of the residents in Salem, N.H., have voted for it. She obviously doesn’t care what the residents of Salem think. Now, every other night I get an email asking me to contribute to Marilinda’s effort to become a member of Congress. I’m sorry, Marilinda, but I cannot vote for a person who ignores the will of the people.

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