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April 11, 2014

Sound Off

The Eagle-Tribune

---- — ‘Sweeney’ is on

Thank you for the overwhelming support to bring “Sweeney Todd” back! Please read and understand before you judge. It is a PG version, just like any other show the Timberlane Players have done in the past. Timberlane’s shows are an after-school activity. It’s not an assignment, and you don’t get graded; it’s a choice to participate. No one is forced to audition for plays, try out for sports or join groups and clubs. The true actors at the PAC have always been passionate about what they do, and that will never change. Thanks to the professional direction of Mr C. and Mr D. We hope to enjoy many more of your performances.

Thanks for ‘Todd’

Thank you, Dr. Metzler! “Sweeney Todd” will be sold out like the past 100-plus shows have been. The audience will be the “community” of parents, family, friends, alumni, teachers and drama supporters who come to see these dedicated student actors do what they love every year. Thank you!

Only a show

Wow! All it takes is one cancelled play to rouse everyone in the Timberlane School District? Perspective people! There are a lot of other things in the world that could use your attention and fervor!

Crackdown on 114

As a long-time resident of North Andover, I say “Kudos”, “Hooray”, and “Thank goodness” to our police for ticketing Route 114 speeders endangering our citizens, children and pets as they ignore speed limit signs, pedestrian crosswalks, stop lights and road courtesy. In 25 years of living on Johnson Street I have too many times witnessed the daily parade of arrogant commuters (many, of course, with New Hampshire plates) driving 20 miles over the speed limit, tailgating law-abiding drivers, beeping at residents who have the nerve to try to leave their driveway and making obscene gestures at any pedestrian who points out their illegal behavior. To “Money trap”: it wouldn’t be an issue if you had been observing the speed limit, would it? Congratulations to the NAPD from this long time taxpayer!

Police state

Regarding the new law passed in Massachusetts making confidential the names of both victims and suspects in domestic violence cases — this is just another step toward the ultimate goal of the federal government, which is to create a police state and a soft martial law in major American cities. Massachusetts, and Boston in particular, are at the forefront of this effort, most likely due to its refusal to play along with Homeland Security’s surveillance policies. This was evident in the constitutionally illegal implementation of soft martial law immediately following the “false flag” that was the Marathon “bombings.”

Roadkill response

Today, April 8, we called the Haverhill animal control officer and left a message about a large dead raccoon in the middle of our road in the Riverside area of Haverhill. The ACO was quickly there to take care of the situation and deserves a thank you for such timely tending to issues. Recognition for good deeds matters.