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April 12, 2014

Sound Off

Insurance tyrants

Since when do insurance companies have so much say over whether people live or die? They refuse paying for many medications and procedures that people need to live. I do not believe they should have so much control. They should have laws and restrictions to protect the little guy.

Sorry LHS fields

The Lawrence High School softball program is growing. It has a strong group of girls who can make some noise this year in the Merrimack Valley Conference. Sad to say that the city of Lawrence won’t take time to fix the fields so visiting teams can finally stop trashing the city and actually give the city props for building a strong softball program and actually caring for the safety of these girls. I’m sure Central Catholic will never have a parent complaining about the conditions of its fields.

Explanation, please

I think the people of Methuen need an explanation from our mayor and town councilors on why we are renewing the contract of a man who has cost us so much money. He has sued our town every which way, lost town services for the citizens, lost grant money by misusing it and generally made us into a laughingstock of the Merrimack Valley. Now his contract is up, and we are thinking of renewing it? Isn’t this the time to be rid of this selfish one-man show once and for all?

Police and OUI

Another police officer charged with OUI, another hit-and-run, this time in Tewksbury. I wonder if we will ever hear about the end of this case or if it will be swept under the rug too. How many more cops get stopped and let go?

Moo-ving letter

‘Thanks you, Richard Hodges of Groveland for a wonderful, humorous but oh so on-target explanation of the “isms” that constitute our options for governance. I will always vote for capitalism, and your letter makes that decision very easy. Carry on!

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