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April 13, 2014

Anderson column: A happy, healthy life for friend and fowl


Yes, some farmers who experiment with free-range poultry often feed the local foxes, coyotes and fishers until they move their livestock into a safe barn, which is still better than cages. I don’t have room here to tell you about factory pig farming. Or cattle crowded into pens, hearing those ahead of them being slaughtered as they wait their turn.

I don’t want to be part of this anymore. I won’t be a true vegetarian, like those who won’t eat “anything with a face.” I’ll try to make sure the fish I buy weren’t crammed into a farm-pen, though it’s always been tough being a salmon, grabbed as they swim upstream by grizzlies and eagles. I’ll happily eat deer that’s been hunted to cull the herd and prevent mass starvation. And yes, you may see me in a weak moment eating a hot dog or steak. But mostly, I’m going to try to have a happy, healthy life without causing unnecessary pain to the animals I eat.

Barbara Anderson of Marblehead is president of Citizens for Limited Taxation and an Eagle-Tribune columnist.

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