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April 17, 2014

Sound Off

Biden bombs

Please keep Joe Biden at the White House tending the garden or something. When he spoke at the Boston Strong tribute, he said the survivors have survived and soared, and he was so moved by their speeches that it was “worth it.” What? Can this man ever say something without messing up? He is like “Mr. Inappropriate” on “Saturday Night Live.”

‘Sweeney’ respect

The Timberlane administrators earned quite a bit of respect last week by overturning the cancellation of “Sweeney Todd.” Their decision is a testament to reason and diplomacy and is a clear example to the students of how to get a positive result by standing up and being heard in truly respectful ways.

‘Todd’ shame

To “Bloody awful”: You’re uneducated about the passion true actors feel performing on stage. Your ignorant comments about respectful, talented students are uncalled for. Shame on you! I was at the open forum and only saw respectful, well-mannered students standing up for what they believe in. Pay attention; you could learn something from them. I’m 67 years old and love watching these young adult actors do what they love. If you don’t like it you have the choice to stay away.

Not the money?

Does the Haverhill School Committee sit with departing administrators to find out the real reason they are leaving? With Mrs. Stanley now going, I’d be interested in why they are all leaving he city. Money isn’t everything!

Missing Coco

I was very sorry to see that Tim Coco is not running for the state Senate. His willingness to speak truth to power by exposing the connection between Kathleen Ives and Jim Jajuga was very refreshing. I may not agree with all of his positions, but we need some people with the backbone to take on powerful, entrenched interests if Massachusetts is going to get out of the hole that Deval Patrick and Kathleen Ives have dug for us.

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