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June 13, 2013

Sound Off

The Eagle-Tribune

---- — Andover dog woes

Lawrence isn’t the only place with problems with dogs, their owners and the animal control officer. Here in Andover, my neighbors continue to allow their dogs to walk on my lawn, sometimes unleashed. Some owners either do not have a bag for pick-up or leave their homes with it already filled (I have actually seen this with my own eyes). Often their children walk the dogs and do the same things. I wonder why they do not walk their dogs in their own yards since we all have at least an acre of land in my neighborhood. The town has bylaws about owning dogs, and they should be followed by adults and children and also hired dog walkers. How does the town do that? I don’t know, but the animal control officer should know. When I have spoken to the animal control officer about this, he said the dog owners should be more respectful. Well, yes, but who should tell them that? I have tried to politely ask owners to not let the dog go on my lawn, but they still do it. The animal control officer should send out a message to dog owners that this is unacceptable behavior.

Release the list

I’m reading about the New Hampshire madam, and I cannot believe what I am reading. Client list allegedly includes police, firefighters and a city councilor. The list should be put out for the public to see who these people are. Corruptions, corruptions, corruptions. What happened to the city of Lawrence I used to know?

More baloney

I think we should look very closely at the similarities between Ed Markey’s, Elizabeth Warren’s and President Obama’s negative ads. We now see they were and are again so much baloney to win an election. Shame on us for allowing them to treat us for fools again.

Idiots overruled

What a relief that the court has ruled against the city of Lawrence in its attempt to prohibit free trade by arresting out-of-town cabbies for making a living. This is an example of why Lawrence will never be a progressive city that can support itself without federal and state aid. How nine idiots could sit around a table and come up with this insane, unconstitutional scam is beyond belief, even for Lawrence! If any city needs a city manager form of government, it’s Lawrence. If they appeal, I certainly hope another rational judge will slap them down again.

Central’s edge

Central Catholic High School sports teams have always had an advantage over other teams. They get to pick the best athletes from all the surrounding cities, while city teams can only pick from within their own cities.

Thanks, chief

Lawrence is one of the smallest cities in Massachusetts, six square miles, with one of the largest populations, 70,000. It is no longer an immigrant city, it is a border town. Some areas are dirty, with many billboard, signs in foreign languages, crime, homelessness, corruption and infringement of constitutional rights (free enterprise of taxi cabs). As a lifelong resident and a taxpayer, I thank Chief Romero, the Lawrence Police Department and the Lawrence Fire Department for doing what the do to keep us safe. Otherwise, we would sink into oblivion.